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Hicksville, NY

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DR@FTPICK$ are the industries premier up and coming rap duo representing Strong Island, New York. The duo consists of two young and gifted MC’s, Jonathan Whitaker pka “Jae-O”, 22, the young, cocky, flashy, pretty, hustler with the lyrics to match, and Jeremy Daleus, pka “J-ROC”, 21, another young, flashy, block hugging G whose aggressive flow and punch lines rival the greats. Their goal is to continue the tradition of excellence that has been pioneered by Long Island native hip hop giants like RAKIM, EPMD, Public Enemy, Keith Murray, De la Soul , and Busta Rhymes to name a few. When defining their music and style it can be said that DR@FTPICK$ have a STREET SWAG balanced with a MAINSTREAM SENSIBILITY. Their music has an appeal to the streets because of its authenticity while their style and energy give them that teen idol/rockstar appeal.

Some say that success in the music industry for new acts is unlikely or even impossible considering the current economic climate, but DR@FTPICK$ are taking the same ambition and work ethic they have from the streets to the music industry, so the standard they have set for themselves is high. Similar to a talented, dedicated and hardworking first round DR@FTPICK that studies and respects the game, DR@FTPICK$ will make an excellent addition to any roster. They have the raw talent, desire, skill, lyrics, delivery, stage presence and star power that has put them on the threshold of greatness.
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