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Dres Forder

folk and alternative     146 listeners
I was invited to play all across SecondLife during 2008, Dres Forder was the name I made for his character, the songs Head Bed, Burn, Friend and "I Don’t Know why (Pie!)" carried my more rooted songs through the bright interest of my music in those early months.

From here I developed a unique audience at a small number of venues in Second Life and became more and more comfortable sharing the writing time live on stream.
Place to Rest and Wrapper grew up from these performances, taking the final acoustic set list to;

Be Free, Try, Place to Rest, Wrapper, When the Key’s Out, Burn, Even When, Rain, Head Bed, Rest Upon (so high), Don’t Know Why, No Enemy, Run, Impossibility, Friend, Blending, Inside, Love True, The Same, One Reason, Dear Lady

I am currently organising gigs for 2009 in the UK and completing the CD, sadly no longer have time for my 3D friend Dres. Very excited for 2009 you are all invited to continue to join me on http://www.myspace.com/headbed
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