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East Triangle, Philippines

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Identity Theft is now available as physical CD and mp3 album at

Drip is one of the first female-fronted live electronic music acts in the Philippines. Fronted by Beng Calma-Alcazaren as lead vocalist, it also includes Malek Lopez as the band's sound designer, live keyboardist and programmer. He's also 1/2 of Rubber Inc., one of the pioneers of live electronica in the Philippines.

Doing beats and programming, behind a laptop is Ian Magbanua a.k.a. Morse. Morse was the 2004 DJ MixMaster champion for a competition held in Capetown, South Africa. Ministry of Sound produced his track for distribution to London club DJs .

Completing the group is the rare groove turntablist Caliph8.

Drip released a 5-song EP in November 2003 and their first full-length album, Far Side of the World, in 2004. On March 15 2008, Drip made Filipino music history by becoming the first Filipino artists to release the first full-length album under a Creative Commons license.

Born in December 2002, Drip was originally a trio: Beng Calma on vocals, Rann Golamco on guitars and Malek Lopez on keyboards and electronic programming. Drip's music would soon be complemented by Morse's when he permanently joined Drip in January 2004.

This group was responsible for Drip's first EP in September 2003. It contained five tracks, two of which were remixes by Malek and Morse. By 2004, this same group released "Far Side of the World" ; Drip's first full-length album with distribution under Terno Recodings. This album would also mark the departure of Rann Golamco and his guitar sound.

By 2006, friend and Drip supporter, Caliph8, would replace the guitar embellishments with his own style of turntablism, that was soon captured in Drip's 2nd album, Identity Theft.

Identity Theft is the first full-length Philippine album released under a CREATIVE COMMONS license. The license would allow future Drip collaborators all around the world to remix Drip songs to whatever genre that would appeal to the re-mixer or audience.

By June 2008, three months after the release of "Identity Theft", more than an albums's worth of remixes in different genres such as electrohouse, Motown sound, reggae dancehall, downtempo, dark drumm&bass; and even an acoustic version could be found on the Internet. One of the album's vocal tracks, In-Between Remix, which is posted on; became an editor's pick with more than 18
recommendations when it was re-mixed by Doghouse Riley
into a Motown influence arrangement entitled "Everything".
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