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Rio De Janeiro

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You can download El Efecto's songs for free in these links:

The band was created in 2002 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, as a result of the will of its members to compose songs based on the most diffent kinds of musical influences and, on the other hand, their interest in taking part in the debates about conflicts in modern social life.

Since the basis of their playing are guitar, bass and drums, the band’s musical aesthetic is basically rock. However, the use of different instruments such as "cavaquinho" (a typical samba instrument), trumpet, flute, percussions and pre-recorded bases summarizes their attempt to escape from the pre determined paths. As a result of its experimental combination between the language of rock, pop and classical music, the compositions are marked by a variety of vibes, the convergence between weight and subtlety, screamed vocals and melodic intertwining of three voices.

The lyrics presents a critical reading of individual and collective conducts, going through the anguish provocated by the observation of everyday life and the hope that transformations are possible. In this way, the speech goes through political, behavioral and existential themes. This is not to make art an outlet for the frustrations of an accommodated life, but to, through it, stimulate changes in real life.

After the release of its first two albums, Como Qualquer Outra Coisa (Like Any Other Thing - 2004) and Cidade das Almas Adormecidas (City of Sleeping Souls - 2008), El Efecto expanded its public at each show, reaching several performances in and outside of Rio de Janeiro in great places such as Circo Voador (Rio de Janeiro), Hangar 110 (São Paulo), World Social Forum (Porto Alegre) and Vanguard Music Festival, in Ambato, Ecuador.

In addition, the band won the festivals Tapias, 2005, and Rock & Fun, 2009. In 2010, was released exclusively on the web, two new songs: Os Seres and Ciranda, which had the participation of guest musicians recording brasses and strings, including the french violinist Nicolas Krassik. All records of El Efecto can be obtained for free on the band's website, which collaborates with the objective to expand the dissemination of his work, making his ideas and ideals to reach as many people as possible.

Band Members:
Tomás Rosati - Vocals and Drums
Diogo Furieri - Vocals and Guitars
Bruno Danton - Vocals, Guitars, Cavaquinho and Trumpet
Eduardo Baker - Bass

Websites: /
Phone: 55 21 9136.2335 / 55 21 2541.3890 - Iuri Gouvêa

From Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.
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