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New York, NY

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"Hot in a disco/film version/"
Vocals and electronics Emil Memon; bass Kareem Bunton; drums Torbitt Schwartz; guitar Jaleel Bunton,recorded in Dumbo, Brooklyn by Torbitt Schwartz

"Diamonds/Kareem disco bass mix";
vocals Emil Memon; instrumental Gordon Cox;
bass Kareem Bunton recorded by Gordon Cox in East Village,NYC

"Hot in a disco/final"; vocals, electronics, organ Emil Memon; bass Kareem Bunton; lead guitar Jaleel Bunton; guitar Danny Chaviz; guitar Don Piper; drums Torbitt Schwartz; backup vocal Mai Ueda;
recorded in Dumbo, Brookln by Torbitt Schwartz and Don Piper;

"Blood/Vampire song"; vocals Emil Memon; guitar. drums Walter Salas Humara; flute, bass Robert Aaron; recorded in NYC at Dubway studios

"Desire/Live" Emil Memon & Pleasure Unit with Phillipe Holland at Baby Jupiter,NYC; vocals Emil Memon/Pleasure Unit; bass Kareem Bunton; guitar Jaleel Bunton; drums Torbitt Schwartz/guitar Phillipe Holland

Blow/A Spanish Rose; vocals Emil Memon; electraonics Emil Memon; recorded by Emil Memon,NYC

Slayer;vocals Emil Memon, drums Martin the Austrian,keyboards&electronics; Robert Aaron,recorded at Dubway studio,NYC

Schizophrenia;beats & vocals Emil Memon, sax & keyboards & bass Robert Aaron, recorder at Dubway studio,NYC

Family;vocals Emil Memon; bass Kareem Bunton; lead guitar Jaleel Bunton; drums Torbitt Schwartz;keyboards @ horn Robert Aaron.
recorded by Mark in Dumbo, Brooklyn,NYC

Big thanks to Momo Takanshi!
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