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17th Letta Boy

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Lyrics for Being Used:
posted 7 years ago
Being Used, over The Roots' In the Music, has been completed and will be uploaded either today or tomorrow.
posted 7 years ago
Insite on Alphabetization: A remix of Hotstylz' Lookin Boy entitled Letta Boy will be up, along with a song that takes the instrumental from GZA's Pencil.
posted 7 years ago
Lyrics for My Thoughts: http://17thlettaboy.wordpress.com/2009/10/23/my-thoughts/
posted 7 years ago
My Thoughts released, with the beat from Wanna See Em Buss by Twista.
posted 7 years ago
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I have a love for the arts, so I figured might as well try my hand at it. I live in New Hampshire, also known as the worst place to try to jumpstart a music career. Still in my teens, so there's still time to blossom. NY, NY and Portland, OR native.

Check out Bailey Johnson, he's a sick producer and my best friend.
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17th Letta Boy wrote:
Thanks man, that's helpful. :) I'm trying to work on it a little more.
7 years ago
renecop545 (level 16) wrote:
Kool song. Like the lyrics n music, but ur voice could be better. Work on that, n you'll go far :P
7 years ago
Bailey Johnson wrote:
hahah i love the biography. make some songs with your auto tune and post them.
7 years ago