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Salt Lake City, UT

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Eric Steffensen is a singer/songwriter from Salt Lake City who often performs in the Second Life virtual world. Ranging from comical and laugh out loud songs to serious heartfelt songs, his voice and acoustic guitar will captivate and shoot you through a wide range of emotions. Combining rock, folk, blues and classical Eric creates a sound that is familiar yet unique. His voice is often compared to Cat Stevens, Blues Traveler and Barenaked Ladies.

Erics lyrical theme provoke listeners to contemplate their own spirituality, self-improvement and mental awareness. Based on Eric's personal values and philosophies developed while he read tarot in coffee shops his sharply crafted lyrics act as a catalyst between performer and listener. So visual are his lyrics that listeners are compelled to stop and ponder the world from a new perspective.

Eric pours his heart, mind, body, spirit and soul into each of his live performances hoping his audience can take something away from each show to help through their day. Please join us for an opportunity to hear Eric for yourself.
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