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James Miao & Samuel Hsiung

Erin and Her Cello

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Formed in 2004, Erin and Her Cello are a dynamic musical duo made up of cellist and composer Erin Hall and her beloved cello. Dubbed “quirky, vivacious, and undeniably unique” by Strings Magazine, Erin and Her Cello are not the typical classical couple. Erin and Her Cello’s style mixes elements of jazz, French pop, beatnik, comedy, theatre, and blues.

A self-proclaimed “kook,” Hall is a native of Boise, Idaho, and graduate of The New School University and The American Musical and Dramatic Academy. Hall’s cello was created in 1956 in Mittenald, Germany. Hall discovered her cello at Telford and Sons, a small, local violin shop in Boise, and they’ve been inseparable ever since.

Hall has lived in New York City since 1998, which is why many of Erin and Her Cello’s songs explore the joys and pitfalls of everyday life in the city. From break-dancers and sobriety, to Chinese dumplings and the allure of fresh clean towels, Erin and Her Cello’s eccentric, upbeat music is infused with humor and theatrics and offers listeners a playful and irreverent glimpse of life in New York. Much of Erin and Her Cello’s work is influenced by the sounds of Ella Fitzgerald, Blossom Dearie and Serge Gai... (+) expand
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greensthm (level 16) wrote:
I found your album and bought it. Grace us on t61!!!
2 months ago
Lundy (level 16) wrote:
"he just smiled at me!" we'll all be singing this subway crush on our train journeys! :D
10 months ago
CoreyManikenMatthews (level 9) wrote:
Corey Maniken Matthews here to say that "The Electives have uploaded a NEW SONG entitled "Ladykiller"!

Check it out:

7 years ago
OffspringBlackfox (level 17) wrote:
Sweet and magic song ^_^
7 years ago
abs (level 6) wrote:
lovely song
7 years ago
oreocookie (level 11) wrote:
LOVE on my stoop. It's such a happy song and always puts a smile on my face! I love your music!
7 years ago
greensthm (level 16) wrote:
maybe we've been drinking too much!?
7 years ago
LindsayTaylor (level 9) wrote:
Love the usage of strings, especially the cello, in music! Thanx for sharing your wonderful music : )
7 years ago
musicissoulfood (level 10) wrote:
"Subway Crush" is SO beautiful, I can't stop listening!
7 years ago
skinner65 (level 9) wrote:
Sweet and fun, really enjoyed it.
7 years ago
musicissoulfood (level 10) wrote:
your music is gorgeous. thank you for your dedication!
7 years ago
TWJW (level 17) wrote:
7 years ago
huexotzinca (level 23) wrote:
no words!!! =S me parece que conjuntas de maravilla una hermosa voz, de una hermosa mujer en una magnifica canción =S =D (=^.^=)
7 years ago
Peter Kendall Warren wrote:
I just love this music! So freaking cool. Quirky and wonderful. Believe me, as a producer, I know songs. Your songs are simply wonderful. I hope you are enjoying the success you deserve. If not... Well, perhaps we need to speak!


7 years ago
Beelzebelle (level 10) wrote:
Simply..... Marvellous...
Take liberties....
7 years ago
petiteponey (level 8) wrote:
so joyful and the cello is such a nice addition. keep 'em coming!
7 years ago
kevinkillen1 (level 1) wrote:
Very nice. Such a mellow feel. It makes me think of buddy holly in some way I cannot explain. He was my favorite when I was a kid and this music takes me there for some reason. I feel like a kid again. Thanks
7 years ago
susabelle (level 13) wrote:
I'm so happy I had a listen to your music! Absolutely lovely!
7 years ago
MarkRadcliffeEARS (level 9) wrote:
Hey Erin

Lovely songs. Funny, I have a 'subway crush' song, too, called "No time to lose." I'll post it in time.

Looking forward to hearing more of your stuff...!
7 years ago
Max Vernon wrote:
i'm so glad you're here erin. miss you. hope all is well.
7 years ago