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false heroics

alternative and rock     391 listeners


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we've posted the lyrics to our songs in their respective comment areas.

the false heroics have a site you can go to for some other links and to sign up for our newsletter.

we're on cbc radio3, and myspace, and
there's also this site we discovered called "facebook" where we made a personal profile, which apparently is illegal according to facebook's legal team, but they haven't banned us yet! if it comes down to it, we hope to argue that it's our guitarist, mike nicholson's page, cause he doesn't "do" facebook.

so, you might want to also become our "fan" on the legal, official false heroics facebook page, or join our salvation navy group in case the profile get banned at some point.
posted 8 years ago
we may be from canada, but our hearts belong to the world.

get our full album: noisetrade

false heroics enjoys: universal medicare, fake british accents, books on theology, macintosh computers, and the occasion snifter of micro-brew (except for mike: he's a teetotaller.)

- band members -

jared: saves people for a living, but plays bass and a bit of percussion when he's with us. connoisseur of tobacco and chest hair.

jon: drums like heck, fools around with keys and guitars and banjos and singing when we let him, and styles himself a high-brow professional photographer.

mike: was raised by music teachers who only listen to classical, so of course he craves raunchy guitar riffs. he tries to hide the fact he also has the singing voice of a castratti and a wonderful knack for clarinet. mike is finishing up his masters of divinity and can stucco your house.

adam: writes lyrics, sings and plays guitar and banjo. he grew up in bangladesh, ran for canadian parliament as a green party candidate, and designs websites and logos in an attempt to fund his adhd-driven penchant for activism and community projects.
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Yevette (level 22) wrote:
WOW, You guys are Great!
I'll be back later for more listens, Thank You! :)
7 years ago
alek317 (level 12) wrote:
great stuff guys i hope to hear a lot more from you in the future
8 years ago
deSalire (level 33) wrote:
Just found you guys. Really GREAT sound! Thanks for posting.
8 years ago
deSalire (level 33) wrote:
@King Tut... oh that's hilarious
8 years ago
sabbatical (level 6) wrote:
@King Tut, really?
8 years ago
King Tut wrote:
decent music really awful vocals
8 years ago
Chaoticus wrote:
I like it, very tight, never dull, none of that screaming junk... very nice job!
8 years ago
Wolffe (level 31) wrote:
Racking up the levels. I hope it continues.
8 years ago
PleasantMelody (level 10) wrote:
So I'm really digging your guys sound. Keep up the great work!
8 years ago
diecast (level 11) wrote:
8 years ago
batface89 (level 45) wrote:
Yesterdog! It's famous around here. Yesterdog Documentary Trailer
8 years ago
Raine (level 33) wrote:
Yep, you're right - love the Shore!
8 years ago
batface89 (level 45) wrote:
Yup, Michigan. Represent! Too bad about American visa issues and security as it is. I can imagine the red tape.
8 years ago
batface89 (level 45) wrote:
I spend too much time here! It's the late night bumping I've been doing lately. I'm digging your music. From Brantford, aye? We went through there on vacation a couple of years ago and up to St. Jacobs, the most boring but cute town in Ontario. Then we went to Tobermory, which is lovely. I'm jonesing for a vacation, sorry :-) Do you ever play shows in the US? Michigan perhaps?
8 years ago
teacher (level 36) wrote:
I wouldn't think that would be the kind of thing that would bother any band in your genre. Keep on rockin'.
8 years ago
SanjuNana (level 33) wrote:
Good stuff. Listening to separatatat again.
8 years ago
diecast (level 11) wrote:
requesting The Shore!
8 years ago
overcaffeinated (level 36) wrote:
Love this stuff - right in my wheelhouse! Great sound!
8 years ago
rechelon (level 14) wrote:
you guys are awesome in every sense of the word. keep it up!
8 years ago
todash (level 39) wrote:
w00t ... great sound
8 years ago