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thesixtyone is a music discovery game that connects artists and fans
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For Listeners

hearts, reputation points, and levels

What are hearts?
How do I heart a song?
How do I earn reputation?
How is the number of hearts I get per day determined?
Can I heart a song more than once?
What are levels?
What do I get for each level?
How do I track my heart history and point rewards?

listening to music

How do I turn off the HOLY SH*T sound effect when I max out hearts on a song?

sharing songs

How do I subscribe to an artist?
How can I share songs with my friends?


I think I should have received an achievement by now, why haven't I?
Do I have to max out my hearts on a song again after I level up for the groupie achievement?


How do I unblock a user?


What are revives?

purchasing music

What are credits?
How do I get credits?
What format/quality are the downloads?
What are Tips?
What's the patronboard?
Wait, did my screen name just change color?
Are credits refundable?

the rack

Why can't I earn any more hearts on The Rack?
What is The Rack?


What determines which songs end up on my group page.

keyboard shortcuts

For Artists

uploading music

Is there an song upload limit?
I want to upload a new version of a song. How does that work?
How do I edit song information?
What file formats do thesixtyone support?
I signed up as a listener, can I convert my account over to an artist?
How do I upload my music?

editing music

How do I remove a song?
How do I edit song information?


How do I upload videos?