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level 21
Re: Adjustment To How Music Gets Posted | 01 jun 08 2:26 a.m.
We have a flash embeddable player; just click "share" on any song and copy/paste the embed code into your blog.

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level 15
I have done wrong understanding ... | 01 jun 08 4:16 a.m.
Thank you for sharing but I knew that.
I am talking about a player to include titles and not the general list.
I want a player to put what I want and independent of the other if it were possible.

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Allan Dawson
level 11
Re: Adjustment To How Music Gets Posted | 05 jun 08 7:56 p.m.
The so called "rules" behind how this system works suck tremendously. If as an artist I am capable of writing more than one song with the pulling power to draw enough bumps to make them "popular", then I deserve to see them all get to the "posted" status irrespective of when they were uploaded!

To have most of the collection treated like they dont exist simply because I chose to upload them at the same time is pointless - especially given that this came about because the so called "rules", which get printed nowhere at all, went from allowing me to have 10 songs, then 7 songs, then apparently 15 songs. So of course, I only uploaded the songs at the same time because I wanted to use the slots up before somebody decided to not announce that the new song limit is going to be 1 song per 20,000 levels - you think it isn't coming? ;)

So, slightly tongue in cheek but you get my point - the hot/new/best leaderboards should be about the SONGS not the artists. Well, the shocking news is that some artists can write good songs repeatedly, while some only have one hit in them... which is cool... but where's the sense in penalising the artists who can upload more than one popular song at a time simply because they are talented? If you are going to do that... what is the point in having a leaderboard in the first place?

What is the point in 61 if it stifles talent in favour of tendentiousness? - thats what we have major labels for!

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