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Bedford, United Kingdom

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Dan Plus Add

Oh traveller of the great Intertubes, you are in luck, for you have stumbled upon the page of Dan Plus Add. Dan Plus Add writes, records, produces, and occasionally explodes his own music. He is probably best described as 'juvenile,' 'weird' and 'freaking awesome.' His style of music is quite geeky, a bit rocky and a bit acoustic at times.

Latest Tracks

What is this Nerdery?

I want to own a Coffee Shop

You're Dumb.

And Counting

Naming Music Isn't Easy

Dan's first album, Of FNARs and ZINGs, is available for free, in full at his website, or here, to download:

Of FNARs and ZINGs

Download entire album in a compressed folder

Lots of love, Dan

In 2008 I will be playing at a festival in West Yorkshire called Nerdapalooza, a festival of "Fantastic Music, celebrating a love of counter culture, geeky culture, in exciting, interesting, and awesome different ways!"


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