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Dan Plus Add

folk and rock     123 listeners


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Hey everyone!

Thought you may be interested to see a few videos from a recent live performance I did in Sheffield, the YouTube playlist is at http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=11DB5810BE9CB689 - thanks to my friend Paul who recorded the entire thing! Hope you enjoy it :)
posted 7 years ago
My new album, Matters of Great Importance, has been released! Check it out at www.danplusadd.co.uk!
posted 8 years ago

Dan Plus Add

Oh traveller of the great Intertubes, you are in luck, for you have stumbled upon the page of Dan Plus Add. Dan Plus Add writes, records, produces, and occasionally explodes his own music. He is probably best described as 'juvenile,' 'weird' and 'freaking awesome.' His style of music is quite geeky, a bit rocky and a bit acoustic at times.

Latest Tracks

What is this Nerdery?

I want to own a Coffee Shop

You're Dumb.

And Counting

Naming Music Isn't Easy

Dan's first album, Of F...

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Kbungo (level 20) wrote:
Okay well i'm folowing your facebook too. so =D but yeah i don't know why but i really enjoy nerdcore rap, so i would like KILL for some more of that, I really enjoy your music so i'm looking foreward to any new music!
7 years ago
Kbungo (level 20) wrote:
haha, You deserve it anyway! ^_^ i'll be sure to pass your music around!
also, you ought to do more nerdcore-hiphop. xD i really enjoyed that. and i see you as more comic releif, because i think a lot of your songs are funny! =D so just to let you know.
7 years ago
Kbungo (level 20) wrote:
You should thank the rack just about now. xD I LOVE Nerdcore rap, and british accents, so you like rock my fucking world!
7 years ago
JohnAdleyGood (level 4) wrote:
that means it is better than just amazing i think it is awesome keep it up! and by the way i am in my high school computer class trying not to get cought by my computer teacher!!!!!! here he comes AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7 years ago
JohnAdleyGood (level 4) wrote:
not amazing but Omazing
7 years ago
Dargonakis (level 32) wrote:
oh man you are definatly my new favorite artist on thesixtyone. Do more game songs!! ^_^
8 years ago
doosky (level 12) wrote:
brilliant music! are you on tour?
8 years ago
shadowmoses (level 15) wrote:
Nice profile picture, did you draw it yourself?
8 years ago
Wilson (level 31) wrote:
Dan? +add
9 years ago
neutralforce (level 23) wrote:
I think the phrase "What is this nerdery?" is going to have a solid place in my vocabulary. So practical considering the people I hang out with. ;)
9 years ago
hipsterplease (level 21) wrote:
Hay there, Dan!
9 years ago
B-Type wrote:
9 years ago
illness (level 13) wrote:
wicked good stuff. love it!
9 years ago
mastaphoo (level 31) wrote:
great stuff! nerdcore is underrated :P
rock on
9 years ago