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Birmingham, United Kingdom

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I am simple
Yet Complex
I am Gifted
But troubled
I am deep and dark
Yet soft and vulnerable.
I am blind
But my eyes can see.
I am the Master
I am the slave.
I am the need that shows
In the eyes of a loveless child.
I am the confession
I am the repenting of your sins.
I am hungry
Yet my belly does not rumble.
I am the anger in your voice
I am the sorrow in your eyes
I am the salt in your tears
I am the fire in your heart
I am the ever changing tide
I am the wave of despair
That crashes on your shore.
I am the force of nature
I am the crack of thunder
I am the raging storm itself.
I am the love story
I am the twisted tale
I am the broken record
That plays over and over
And over again.
I am the power in your muscle
I am the strength in your arms
I am the spirit in your fight.
I am alive in your breathing.
I am the quickness in your step
And the grace in your walk
I am the virtue in your being
and the hope in your promise.
I am the wisdom in your advice.
I am the stranger in the street
I am your neighbour
I am your Brother
Your Father
Your Son
And your lover.
I am your dream
And your nightmare.
I am the friend in need
I am the enemy within.
I am strong
But I am weak
I am hopeful
Yet so very bleak.
I am the night
I am the day
I am lost
Yet I clearly know my way.
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