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Prince Albert, SK

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Growing up as a musical genius is hard. At the age of 10 I wrote my first symphony on piano. I sold it to an up and coming producer, who told me I would get full credit and 75 percent profit after he made it big because no one would ever take a 10 year old seriously. He made a fortune and left me in the dust. I promtly switched to playing electric guitar, for rebellion sake. I played in many bands from age of 11 to 17. Most I called Giraffe. The band members were always confused on the premise of "Giraffe". I always just replied more is often more then less. They often agreed with that statement. By the age of 18 I had been in more then 20 bands all only playing one gig with a set of 10 original songs. Basically I was 10 years ahead of my time and the audience and band could not handle the brilliance. It drove some of them crazy. There were many attempts on my life. So I became a solo act at the age of 18 and created my first CD in a month called Giraffe-If Jon was a Band. I sold thousands of copies. I then went into exile realizing fame and fortune was not for me yet and that I should find my true sound. I traveled around searching for it finding the world a strange place, full of creation and demise. I started recording a second album in Hawaii, but my attempts were thwarted by an enraged Samoan who thought I was trying to record the sound of the devil. He destroyed my recording equipment and guitar but let me live. I returned back to Canada to make sense of my adventures. I then decided to be a scholar and went to school at TARA (the Audio Recording Academy) in our nations capital. It was here where I discovered the delicate art of being an audio engineer. I've been recording my new album over the last two years and have allowed a few songs to slip away to the public, but I can not tell the future for it may be years before the album is engraved in time.
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