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Describing themselves as "rock music for the open road", The Great Unknowns are a female-fronted alt-country band whose first record, released on Indigo Girl Amy Ray's Daemon Records label, was a critical success and sold beyond the label's expectations. The album received positive reviews in No Depression, Maxim, All Music Guide, Performing Songwriter and other publications.


All Music Guide
"Warren's voice and lyrics perfectly flow together, conveying longing and hope with a sense of tough pride. All the emotions converge on the stunning "Deliver Me Home," a track that builds from a lone desolate acoustic guitar to a forceful ballad with full-band accompaniment as Warren's voice transforms from softly forlorn to powerfully insistent. It's the highlight of a terrific debut that shows tremendous potential..."

No Depression
"I can't stop playing this disc. Warren's songwriting is evocative and richly detailed throughout and guitarist Michael Palmer. . .seems to have brought on an exceptional crispness and hookiness to the Great Unknown's rootsy rock."
Also picked as a top 10 record of 2004
- Rick Cornell

"Why stop to listen to The Great Unknowns? Well, they play unpretentious heartland rock reminiscent of the better efforts of the Crows -- both Sheryl and Counting. Becky Warren writes about guys who've treated her like shit with a dignity they don't deserve and sings with a soulful, rebellious swagger..."
- David Peisner

Performing Songwriter
"The emphasis is on solid songs presented in a
straightforward, unpretentious fashion."
- Jan/Feb 2005

Amy Ray (The Indigo Girls)
“Excellent songwriting in the Americana tradition. . . one of the best things I have heard this year.”

Dirty Linen
"It’s 'Great' that’s the operative word here.
Becky Warren has one of those born-for-alt-country voices: big and meaty, with a vulnerable little vibrato here and there."
- Pamela Murray Winters

Singer Magazine
“Do yourself a favor: pick up this CD, and get all your friends a copy, too!"
- April 2005

Freight Train Boogie
"Move your Mary Gauthier and Kathleen Edwards over a notch, because this one will fit right in alongside of them."
- Don Grant

Country Standard Time
"After a few listens, you'll be asking yourself where
these musical messiahs were hiding."
- David McPherson

Ivany's Top Twenty-One
"Their music incorporates the best of country and rock, not to mention, the great accordion inclusions. The Great Unknowns have produced a rollicking series of pain, train and American stories."
- John Shelton Ivany

Country Roots Music
"The first thing to do about a minute into 'Presenting The Great Unknowns' is to pick oneself off the floor; having been knocked there by the splendor of Becky Warren's singing voice....There is an honesty and originality in the sound that is irresistible"
- Bill Grohl

Metro Pulse (Knoxville, TN)
"Warren’s songs are honest and simple, with a thrilling soulful rawness reminiscent of Lucinda Williams."
- Paige M. Travis

City Beat (Cincinnati, OH)
"A nice collection of songs for a laidback weekend morning."
- P.F. Wilson
"With layered, guitar-heavy but understated arrangements and clean production, it's a sweet listen nearly all the way through."
- Jon Sobel
"Becky Warren's vocals are soft and delicate,
creating a tremendous sense of longing."
- Lance Loope
"It is the small picture that makes The Great Unknowns promising: great vocals, solid rhythm section, and writing that will only get stronger with more experiences ."
- Mike Wood
"Man, it's good. Especially if you like the kind of music you hear from Lucinda Williams or Mary Gauthier. Or Lone Justice. Which I do."
- Naomi

The Boston Globe
"The Great Unknowns may not be unknown for much longer." - Steve Morse, Dec. 3, 2004

Flagpole Magazine (Athens, GA)
"Presenting… the Great Unknowns is a terrific slice of country and Americana out on Daemon. The band’s fronted by Becky Warren, whose voice is a tool of incision into your inner hope, passion and sorrow."
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