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1. Quirkie
2. Mimimim...
3. Matsu
4. Arrowhead
5. flapjac...


6. JustAno...
7. MIG
8. thevolta
9. mathman...
10. hammycl...


Recording an EP within the next few months.
posted 8 years ago
We used to play in a van down by the river.
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ruthLess (level 30) wrote:
i'm confused.
7 years ago
Becca (level 3) wrote:
Hey, just Checking out your stuff it's amazing.
8 years ago
mdub (level 1) wrote:
Nice work H.
From the Wells boys.
8 years ago
Jocelyn Scofield wrote:
aww. thank you. what a nice thing to say. : )
8 years ago
Spendthrift wrote:
i'd have to say the same.
very clean.
8 years ago
flapjacksyrup (level 28) wrote:
Thank you for sharing!
8 years ago
laurgoren (level 15) wrote:
Very, VERY nice!
8 years ago
puntspeedchunk (level 32) wrote:
My friend, myktoronto has some good advice for you and you have some sweet tunes. Looking forward to watching you grow in popularity here. Welcome to the61!

8 years ago
myktoronto (level 38) wrote:
Good stuff! Also with this site don't be in a rush to post more songs. If you have too many up at once it will split your points. Usually one every 10 days or longer is good. It gives people a chance to share your music around also by rationing out your songs it keeps you in peoples minds.

This is a crazy place to try and figure out. read the forums fairly often because very little is announced ahead of time. My friend KosmikRay has a booklet for newcomers. just ask him and he'll email it to you.

Cheers and welcome to t61!
8 years ago
lukebeaumont (level 3) wrote:
Awesome. Truly awesome.
8 years ago