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James Miao & Samuel Hsiung

Honey and the Money

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Pop music at its finest: "The Elephant in the Room" produced by Jared Kuemper (Tegan and Sara) is an ambitious and stunning debut by Vancouver based duo, Honey and The Money.

Released September 23, 2008 on the Maximum Music imprint via EMI Music Canada, Leila Harrison and Matt Clarke hit all the right notes in this remarkably cohesive collection of bright pop-rock, weaving together all the best aspects of pop music to create a beautifully fresh sound.

When Leila Harrison and Matt Clarke started playing music together six years ago, Matt was finishing theatre school and Leila was busy acting and had never sung publicly. Over the ensuing years, as these pop tunesmiths carefully carved out a sound and found a voice unique to themselves, Honey and The Money took form. Fast forward to today and after two years in the making "The Elephant in the Room" is released to impressive critical acclaim right out of the box. Full of hooks, soaring melodies and compelling lyrics, "The Elephant in the Room" by Honey and The Money represents everything you want in a pop record.
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SilentK (level 27) wrote:
such a great sound! Please share more if you can.
5 months ago
DiscFrisker (level 27) wrote:
"We'll figure out how to play a show there in Maine eventually ..."

Every time I listen to your music, somehow I know we will

7 years ago
SallySilvera (level 40) wrote:
Love Half the Boat! Happy New Year to you both!!
7 years ago
DiscFrisker (level 27) wrote:
oh, and happy new year to both of you

see you 'round
7 years ago
DiscFrisker (level 27) wrote:
Half the Boat ... yet another little piece of heaven from two of my favorite musicians here on Earth - wistful in nature, comforting in its simplicity, this beautiful lyrical testament of love is a delight to listen to - your music only gets better with each upload, so can't wait for the next one

still dreamin'

much respect
7 years ago
bbecca (level 29) wrote:
Just discovered your music and I have been missing out-Honey & Money is just beautiful! Can't wait to work my way through all your songs. Almost out of hearts so I'll be back when I get more:)
7 years ago
DiscFrisker (level 27) wrote:
All Good Things ... Been a while since I last listened to this song, and, oh, what a shame on me - since last I heard this, I've been totally absorbed in discovering such great music here on the T61- this re-discovery of your music is such a beautiful reminder of the reason I'm still here - GREAT MUSIC!!! It was a pleasure the first listen - it's even sweeter this time around.

much respect
7 years ago
rion (level 14) wrote:
I'm Loving Heartless Romantic!! Great tune. Love the country vibe it has, and I don't even really like country all that much! ha.
7 years ago
cynergiestudio (level 9) wrote:
seriously, II tried to heart 7 seconds seconds into this song. really!
7 years ago
sarra (level 14) wrote:
You guys really need more hearts... :(
7 years ago
sarra (level 14) wrote:
I love Never Lonely. You have such a beautiful voice, I would love to see songs that showcase all the different types of things you can do with it. That track has a different feel than the others, which are great - but are on the verging of sounding too similar, blending into general pop goodness. For the sake of going from 'great' to 'unable to hit pause' I hope you expand your styles and experiment. God knows you are capable of it!

Great job regardless. Cheers & hearts <3
7 years ago
coffeebuzz (level 36) wrote:
You sound good to me. Great production.
7 years ago
zirconet (level 36) wrote:
Another great stuff....WOW!!!
Bye from Italy
7 years ago
meemawann (level 20) wrote:
Love them all especialy the female vocalist! Great sound! I expect to be hearing more of you soon.
7 years ago
meemawann (level 20) wrote:
This one is a hit!
7 years ago
Badger1013 (level 7) wrote:
All Good Things - thank you for brighting up an already sunny day guys.
7 years ago
Funiculy (level 33) wrote:
Never Lonely is awesome, espacially the woman vocie touch me so deeply.
7 years ago
vienna (level 9) wrote:
Never Lonely is so awesome :)
7 years ago
chiefhigh (level 45) wrote:
This is really good music!
7 years ago
Mimimimimi (level 41) wrote:
Very nice music
7 years ago