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Franklin, TN

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War and peace. Safety and emergency. Comfort and dissonance. The tension between
opposing forces is a reality we see around us, especially in the sonic realm. Music today, in
itself, is a battlefield wrought with adversaries; on one side lies the safe, the pop, the
commercial, and on the other lies the daring, the experimental. There are bands on the right,
and bands on the left.
And very rarely, there is a band that plays the tedious role of double-agent.
House of Heroes. ...The End Is Not The End. A spy in form and function, playing both sides
against one another. House of Heroes has found a sound that is both creatively inspiring and
commercially viable. Look no further for enigmatic songwriting, bold epics, yet clever chorus
lines. Front man Tim Skipper and company have concocted an opus which will, most
certainly, wake the dead.
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