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Pomona, CA

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Music is always Produced, Mixed, and Composed by: Carl M. Cartagena
All the instrumentals are original compositions.
The Vocals/Lyrics are of the artist in the brackets: [example]
Some vocal rearrangements were also made.


ICEHOUSEINDUSTRIES (aka Carl M. Cartagena) Born November 15th, 1984 as Carl Michael Cartagena in Bellflower, CA to Claro F. Cartagena and Ofelia R. Cartagena. Raised in his early years in the suburbs 40 miles East of Los Angeles in Walnut, CA and later in Pomona, CA where he currently resides.

At an early age there is documented photo and video evidence of his love of music dancing and lip-syncing to Richie Valens cover of “La Bamba”. His other favorite song was Michael Jackson's “Bad”. His father, an amateur pianist, vocalist, and guitar player and his mother an amateur guitarist. His grandfather was an avid violinist. In his grandfather's footsteps Carl decided to take up the violin at the age of 4.

In 1988 Carl's very first music teacher was Mrs. Carol Ruly at the Claremont Community School of Music (CCSM) in Claremont, CA. She taught him the basics of violin from posture to finger memory. After a year she left and he was transferred to a new teacher, Mrs. Linda Yenoki (now Ms. Linda Tajima). He studied under her direction for 10 more years. In high school Carl found a program called Fruityloops in a UK electronic music magazine at the local book store and began trying his hand out at music composition. The early works were not fantastic.

After graduating Diamond Bar High in 2003 he attended Cal Poly Pomona with a major in Electrical Engineering. He spent two years in that major before dropping out. After some time passed Carl found employment at an R&D; (research and development) semi-conductor laboratory as a Laboratory/Research assistant to Ph.D Jizhi Zhang at ZN Technology in Brea, CA. He continued to compose music on his laptop in his spare time and sometimes jot down ideas at work.

In 2005 he attended Fullerton College in Fullerton, CA to take some classes in music production and music business. His professor, Alex Cima, was his mentor at the time. Inspired by the attraction of the music industry he took strides to make music his career. He completed a the Recording Production Certification program at Fullerton and began taking internships in various sections of the entertainment industry.

In 2008 he first interned at Spafax Inflight (kinda like a radio station for commercial airlines). Then at Puder Productions (they were throwing an event at the Playboy Mansion for charity). And finally at Silverback Management (they managed bands such as Sublime, Slightly Stoopid, Pepper, Rebelution, The Expendables, The Beautiful Girls, Fishbone, etc.). There he learned about band promoting, sponsorships, etc.. and the kind of time that people put in at the office just to have bands feeling confortable.

During his internship the big boss Jon Phillips (discoverer of Sublime) had some boys from Australia come in one day (Mojada). We talked and hung out and eventually remixed their song “love on you” which later became a hit in April of 2009 getting national terrestrial radio play. Also in April 2009 he also won first place in the “Pepper – freeze” remix contest. The remix will be on their next album release.
In September of 2009 he won the Slightly Stoopid remix competition.
Nowadays he's remixing more music and composing more instrumentals in a wide variety of genres. He believes if he makes enough noise in the industry and does good work, eventually he can't be ignored.
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