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I Fight Dragons

alternative and pop     6296 listeners
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IFightDragons: @SSilver2k2 I see @LadyLauraG already answered, but you're very welcome to use it, and no problemo! :)
posted 6 years ago
IFightDragons: RT @cpbelser: http://twitpic.com/zn0r0 - The @IFightDragons olden days. Just happened to be going through pics and caught this gem, May 2009
posted 6 years ago
IFightDragons: @ucfmat nice!! I hadn't seen that, thanks for passing it along!
posted 6 years ago
IFightDragons: @ToastedOreos we'll definitely be back to Seattle this spring / summer :)
posted 6 years ago
IFightDragons: Weapons of a Dragon Fighter http://bit.ly/5jxMMO
posted 6 years ago
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What do you get when a Pulitzer Prize WInner, a Nobel Laureate, a Rhodes Scholar, and a Robot all get together and form a band?

This is a question I Fight Dragons would love to know the answer to, along with other important questions like, "what is purple, really?" and "how much brains could a zombiechuck chuck if a zombiechuck could exist a posteriori?"

In the meanwhile, I Fight Dragons content themselves with playing melodic rock-and-roll type music, which they integrate seamlessly with chiptune. For those of you not in the proverbial 'know,' 'chiptune' is new music created on 'obsolete' video game 'soundcards' such as the Nintendo Gameboy. Now you're in the 'know.' Welcome. It's nice here and the bathrooms are in the back to the left if you need them.

In the biographical sense, all 5 members of I Fight Dragons hail from Chicago. In the spiritual sense, they also hail from Chicago. However, in the metaphorical sense, only 4 of them hail from Chicago, while Packy hails from Outer Space (by way of Chicago).

I Fight Dragons are boldly questing forward on a sonic adventure toward total world domination. If that sounds a little intimidating, then they can scale it back a bit an... (+) expand
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pennylane (level 30) wrote:
YES!!!! I still carry my "first 1000 fans" card in my wallet!!! Welcome back to t61 guys!
4 days ago
faberex (level 42) wrote:
Hey, look :-) This site is back to what it was like years ago. Come on check it out again.
9 days ago
Vortexx (level 26) wrote:
YES! Welcome back! Max hearts on the new upload :D
10 days ago
elishamcculloh (level 34) wrote:
Hello! Welcome back!! :)
10 days ago
kelkoo (level 29) wrote:
Yeeha! I felt there was something missing in my feed. Now that you are back, I know what it was. :D
10 days ago
Llyana (level 25) wrote:
I contacted them on Twitter, I hope they will be coming back here ;)
11 days ago
Vortexx (level 26) wrote:
Any chance we could get some music from The Near Future up in here? :D
14 days ago
m4nm4n (level 3) wrote:
Love your sound. I plan on supporting ya'll with my hard-earned gil.
6 years ago
Arrakis (level 12) wrote:
Hope the website changes don't screw you guys up. We're fighting it and we love our communication!
6 years ago
sanjalydia (level 9) wrote:
love it!!!!!!!!
6 years ago
finalellipsis (level 8) wrote:
had a really shitty morning, then heard you guys as soon as I turned on the radio. made my whole day a billion times better.
6 years ago
RisingTalent (level 9) wrote:
Ya ditto to Caprica!
6 years ago
Caprica (level 8) wrote:
Where can I find a CD??? :D
6 years ago
JalenLstnr (level 7) wrote:
Ha i found you guys by listening to "The Legend Of Cool" which is another Zelda song.
6 years ago
dreyvas (level 12) wrote:
Nice to see And Your Bird Can Sing revived. I max hearted it.
6 years ago
MindBoxMusic (level 7) wrote:
You guys rock my sox, come to vancouvers music scene and kill it!!!!
6 years ago
autoblot (level 22) wrote:
"I Fight Ganon" caught my attention, but I like your stuff in general!
6 years ago
Nandicu (level 31) wrote:
I love your music guys, you are great!
6 years ago
SoSpartan (level 15) wrote:
"With You" has been in my head since the new year, when I woke up from a dream of proposing to my boyfriend of 17 years with you guys playing this song in the background.
6 years ago
Garnishgirl (level 16) wrote:
I Fight Ganon has got to be the singularly most awesome song I have found to date.
6 years ago