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Chillicothe, OH

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Impudence is the music of musician/songwriter Sean Carmean. The project covers a variety of musical styles, from experimental guitar noodling to power pop, though Impudence finds its comfort in acoustic guitar-based indie folk.

Impudence began as a musical project in December of 2004, when Sean began recording simple, folk/pop-oriented songs in his bedroom. The project stems from Sean's will to create music, finding inspiration from a wide selection of music and life experiences.

Whether trying to write concept albums about classic war novels or crafting fun pop songs, Sean strives to expand his creative ability, resulting in a collection of hits and misses. Ultimately, Impudence is a project about creative honesty. For the time being, all of the songs are rough drafts, seeds waiting to be planted and grown.

Eventually, Sean hopes to put together a collection of moments worth saving, able to be expanded upon and crafted into something truly amazing. Until then, Impudence will continue to create.
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