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Interface is an electronic music group based on Long Island, NY. It was founded in 1993 by Eric Eldredge (keyboards, sequences, and vocals). Its career has been lined with a steady output of songs and dance remixes for other artists and several lineup shifts (The band currently is Eldredge and live keyboardists Jon Billian and Joe Dobise, and live drummer Justin Parker). Each of its three albums to date display a blend of various styles of electronic music, most notably trance, synthpop, electro-industrial and aggrotech, with a strong sense of melody and songwriting. Interface is currently signed to Nilaihah Records in the USA. The defunct Tinman label released the first two albums.

Other artists named Interface have existed in the past:

1. A Hollywood-based remixer, producer, and sound designer. Remix artist Julian Synne contributed several remixes in the 1990’s for Cleopatra Records, mostly for it’s extensive line of tribute albums, as well as a widely downloaded remake of New Order’s “True Faith”.

2. An early 90’s dance group from Holland that had minor club hits in Europe such as “Human Cry” and ̶... (+) expand
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