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Leominster, MA

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In The Face is primed to sweep the nation off of its feet...then ask it back to its apartment, have a few glasses of wine, and see what happens.

Formed in the fall of 04 over beer and a card game, In The Face came together as an outlet for vets of the local music scene to get their musical rocks off. Right from the get go, this rag-tag group of college dropouts, music majors, and homeless people knew they were drawing from a vast array of influences, and that the songs they wrote would be as diverse as their members. Metal-gods, winos, jazz-cats, scenesters with mosh hats, and two-tone rude boys have all made their mark on In The Face. Four months after their first practice, the bands first show proved that In The Face isnt just another ska band.

Less than two years after their inception, In The Face has accomplished wildly successful east coast and regional tours, and is ready to hit the road and spread the ska gospel throughout the nation in support of their debut full length, All Business. Entirely self-produced and released in the fall of 05, this album gave In The Face the ammunition needed to start reinvigorating the ska scene one show at a time. Named for the bands paradoxical duality of unusual business savvy and startling stage insanity, All Business has generated a buzz that makes even honey farmers jealous. This self-supported entity has accomplished so much in such a short time, and their success will only increase exponentially.

Determined to make the most of their venture into the touring scene, In The Face thrives on turning any situation into a rollicking good time. With an engaging and occasionally arousing stage presence, In The Face is sure to take every crowd and leave them with their pants around their ankles and a smile on their faces, night after night.

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