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JoeyTee (level 27) wrote:
Hey James! Great to see the site back to the OG style. That pop-up noise gave me some super-nostalgia!
11 months ago
Emmediate (level 34) wrote:
Hi James could you tell if your responding to emails at help@ thesixtyone dot com atm thx?
1 year ago
88 (level 31) wrote:
Bling bling
1 year ago
Suzen (level 15) wrote:
Sub n RB #2220
Taller Children - Elizabeth and The Catapult
Great song !!!!
1 year ago
cutething (level 28) wrote:
1 year ago
ringothedingo (level 27) wrote:
RB #2217 - "Love Songs" by Anjulie :)
1 year ago
Jride (level 34) wrote:
Things are looking great!
1 year ago
yardbird (level 41) wrote:
James, are you back? Whether or not you want to answer that question, I'm guessing you're the one to thank for restoring the functionality and features of the pre-2010 version. Even artists' walls and "recently submitted" for pete's sake! So, thanks.
1 year ago
Courtney Fortune wrote:
Hey James! Hope all is well, would still love to get coffee sometime if you're able! I was wondering if you could please take down my LoveStory profile? Our band is going under construction.. Thank you! Talk to you soon! :)
6 years ago
dalryaug (level 46) wrote:
I've been having a hard time telling if this was intentional or not, but has it been pointed out to you guys that the posting rate of newer songs seems to have slowed down a lot so that revives are often getting posted consecutively (previously unposted songs are still getting posted, but it seems at a much lower rate than before)?
7 years ago
crabbist (level 28) wrote:

Was there a reason for the wholesale change in this site? The net result has been the total loss of a community. That was one of T61’s strongest features. I am not in a minority here, regardless of what statistics you may be privy to. Of all the contacts that I had on the site, not one of them is in favor of the new design. Were this backlash limited to a few malcontents, I would expect some of my former compatriots to have a favorable opinion, but it is not so.

Greg Barton
7 years ago
eskimodragon13 (level 33) wrote:
what's with neutering the community and usability aspects of the site? Everything's much more cumbersome to get to...most of the practicality has been replaced by "shiny" and "flashy" which all could have been integrated as simply a visual player. The way it stands now, all of the easily accessible information is either gone or harder to reach. Also, it makes using this site at work much less attractive as it really seems like I'm goofing off now instead of just listening to music.
7 years ago
QuixoticNeurotic (level 31) wrote:
...but if it stays the way it is, I won't be a part of that.
7 years ago
QuixoticNeurotic (level 31) wrote:
Also what's with this "ipod" thing in front of the bios? iPods suck. :P

(This isn't really meant to be taken as a serious complaint, I'm still trying to get accustomed to the new version but it isn't really accomplishing much. I plan to check in here and there over the next week or two, but if stays this way I'm going to have to find somewhere else to spend all my internet time. Not a big loss to you, but a pretty big one to me. I hope you guys find success with whatever you stick with...
7 years ago
QuixoticNeurotic (level 31) wrote:
7 years ago
QuixoticNeurotic (level 31) wrote:
Texting the new version out a bit more... I finally found where my comments are on my own page, but am very saddened at the loss of the ability of others to read them and for me to read the comments of others. Also I hate that I can't see any other comments when posting a message, even on a group. The design looks nice, but please, bring the community aspects back into higher focus.
7 years ago
Charo (level 25) wrote:
I simply cant express all I feel is wrong with the new site in 500 characters.
The old 61 was flawless.
And I just cant seem to find any sort of improvement in any aspect from the old 61 to the new one.
You've created a great site. A phenomenal site.
Please dont take it away and leave us with the new one.
Its like having your parents divorce, and having your mom date some disgusting sleaze bag she found on myspace, and now I have to hang out with his shitty kid from a previous marriage. EXACTLY
7 years ago
QuixoticNeurotic (level 31) wrote:
Sure the music is important, it's the most important... but from what I can see the new design is going to kill the community or at least maim it. I was excited for private messaging but I miss walls. Obviously I'm on the "old" version right now.

At least I think it's obvious. Are you even going to get these messages using the new version? I was so excited for the update, but so far it's pretty unusable. I hate that songs don't continue to play when you go to your "channel." It changes!
7 years ago
QuixoticNeurotic (level 31) wrote:
What. Just... what.
7 years ago
rafaelbrandao (level 33) wrote:
I want to wake up of this nightmare. I can't find a single soul that didn't felt as I did. I'm really sad to see everyone leaving, my friends sad. Also very sad about our beloved sumar that once loved this place and now her wall will disappear forever. Those walls have a story - a very impressive story of love. That wouldn't be possible in this new hypervoid that is this new version. It makes me really sad to see all this being ruined.
7 years ago