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Los Angeles, CA

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Jason song guitar while University 2001 older brother, Eric demo. love west, but Ohio and performing solo. Jason’s Washington various, Burly Rig, Grapefruit Session, DEBO & Geoff. studied Surrealists incorporate unconscious.

leaving 2004, northern France year English students. second lived abroad; last high school Mexico. France, band “Les Gyros” became “Jason & Les Gyros”. 5 song various shows Picardie successful outdoor Fete de la Musique festival. Paris, street performing art hustler entertainer. Metro, Louvre, Tuileries, Centre Georges Pompidou, les Halles. decent tips in front of cafés.

Toward his France, Jason dream music professionally. San Francisco debut Eric producer. musician, Eric Talking House Pete Krawiec “Eucalyptus Fields of Sugar Cane.” Title inspired volcanic Jalisco and Colima Mexico.

Jason LA. Amazon, CDBaby, iTunes & eMusic.
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