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Manchester, United Kingdom

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Jaymas Ward
Born In 1992, Has been on the internet for about the past 6 years Has just resonantly let himself out to the net and the vicious public of the world.
People love him for being him, and people hate him because they are not him.
The hair color has been blue for a long time now. Jaymas Had a dream once about how he had bright blue hair and has made it come true.
Myspace is how people know him. In 2007 Jaymas became a myspace whore on him old account known as "Team-Jaymas" where he got 200 "adds" a-day.
He soon released if he ever wanted to be big it takes more that whores adding you. So he deleted his account and made a new one... A music one. Jaymas Made a sample of music in 5 minutes and soon got over 10,000 plays for it, This showed him with something that crap and if it got 10,000 plays something good will get more play, and more plays means more publicity. 5 months past and Jaymas learned that being famous was not what he wanted but by this time he was a well known internet hotspot and people loved and hated his bluntness. SO He couldn't stop it know. He feeds the people that are interested with publicity Stunt photos and new Blogs that keep them updated about his life and how its not all just about looking stunning... its hard work.

NOW Jaymas is spreading out more and soon everyone will know about him, and we all can't wait till this hair dye addict's Full New Music comes out...
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