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Jeremy and Rebecca

r&b and vocal     280 listeners
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“A stunning album of feel good moments” - Wildly Haskel

“A beautiful, poignant, and believable work of art” - Julian Gorman

“A sparkling 12-song achievement” - Don MacIntosh



Singer-songwriter duo Jeremy and Rebecca create songs featuring a sophisticated blend of musical styles, with a fresh, while timeless, sound.

CD available at Amazon: What We Leave Behind
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Entropy (level 24) wrote:
Great music and awesome production! Nicely done! :)
2 months ago
Jeremy and Rebecca wrote:
Good idea! :-) An Amazon link to the CD is now in the biography.
3 months ago
pianolove (level 31) wrote:
I want to buy this CD-- but don't see how?
3 months ago
Suzen (level 14) wrote:
Have you got the time?
I do!!!
3 months ago
Suzen (level 14) wrote:
Finally reaching around the universe a little to come hear your Grooove!!!
Diggin 'FLYER!'
3 months ago
rtfuller0119 (level 34) wrote:
Fulfilling a quest today and thought of you after your kind comment on my wall. Take care
3 months ago
WBC (level 23) wrote:
BTW, I am a fan of yours, more with my "secret" identity as a certain purple bunny rather than my Clark Kent identity as WBC. As for Ken, I will relay your comments and encouragement, and will suggest he ramp up his efforts on Bandcamp, YouTube, and here as well. Hopefully he will be able to make a living with music eventually, because that is what he loves. Thanks again.
4 months ago
Suzen JueL Resistance wrote:
Congrats on #1 in BLUES!!!!!
Keep it UP!!!!! WOOoOT!!!! (I'll go back to my listener account soon and Bump Ya's) pleasure knowing you ...Great Tunes!
4 months ago
pianolove (level 31) wrote:
You guys really rock!
4 months ago
clover (level 46) wrote:
Congrats on the front page posting Finally
4 months ago
marcares (level 30) wrote:
Sound production and music arrangements are top notch.
4 months ago
parker wrote:
Great songwriting.
6 years ago
jer56wi (level 23) wrote:
J&R; just stopped by to say that Have You Got the Time never gets old. BTW, how's your daughter? Has her daring-do returned? I seem to recall that the half life on lessons learned is about 48 hours in kids under 12.
6 years ago
BornInChicago (level 8) wrote:
I am featuring Feels Like The Heavens this week. Great track. Here's hoping you get to the home page soon.
6 years ago
BornInChicago (level 8) wrote:
Wonderful and impressive arrangement, musicianship, vocals, songwriting and production!

(Glenn Galen listener account)
6 years ago
Gustavo Patanchòn wrote:
great music, congratulations!!!!!!!!
6 years ago
skittles101 (level 12) wrote:
MAX HEARTS on What We Leave Behind.

You 2 are truly amazing!

6 years ago
dupsmom (level 23) wrote:
I'm finally 13! Back with more hearts for my favorite duo! Are you getting snow? We're looking at 6 - 12 inches. Good day to wrap presents and listen to t61!
6 years ago
kanosan (level 5) wrote:
Ha.. just got my first "holy shit!"
6 years ago
fullmoonranch (level 38) wrote:
I'm back to add a couple new level hearts to the new songs :-)
6 years ago