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Jesta's official application for iPhone and iPod touch is now available on the iTunes App Store! It's a work in progress and there will be many updates coming. And if you were wondering - the current artwork is a rather old picture of me with long hair and a dolphin tail! It's a graphic that I've had sitting around for years and due to a lack of anything better at the moment I decided to run with it. But I really need some good new photos taken soon!

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posted 7 years ago

I'll keep it short - I need 100 fans on my facebook page! You can help out by going to http://www.jesta.co.uk/facebook and clicking "Become a fan". When I reach 100 I'll be sending fans a link to a free song download - a NEW song! You will only be able to get it free for a short time by becoming a fan of my facebook page. Please help! Thank you!

posted 7 years ago

I love my iPhone. Since I got it it's become the central hub for my daily life, taking over from my laptop due to it's portability. I imagine that some time in the future it will be possible for my phone or mobile device to completely take over the things I do still need my laptop for now.

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posted 7 years ago

I was in Second Life when Nika Dreamscape IM'd me to let me know that there was a naked woman in my bedroom! I don't know who she was or for how long she was going to stalk me. Fortunately Nika headed on over to make sure that she wasn't stealing my clothes or something...

See Nika's photo here

posted 7 years ago

I had a fun gig on Saturday night playing with Simon in my side-project duo at a function for a football club in Essex. We were supposed to start our set at 9-9:30pm. Neither of us were in the best of health so it was going to be a struggle. After many party games, awards and other silliness we finally started playing at about 11pm.

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posted 7 years ago
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Jesta is the musical alter-ego of Bryan Page from Morecambe, United Kingdom specializing in genre-hopping Power Pop. Giving birth to quirky, entertaining songs that make you want to dance, laugh or say huh? wtf? Jesta isn't too concerned with getting too deep and meaningful - who has time for all that anyway? Let's party! Though essentially a one-man project, occasionally some fantastic guest artists are brought into the mix including some of the best session musicians in the U.K. Bryan has close to 20 years production experience and has learnt from, and befriended, some of the busiest people in the industry today.

Born in Chelmsford, Essex in 1975 Bryan was bottle-fed music by The Beatles, Electric Light Orchestra and Earth Wind & Fire along with classic 70's rock. Growing up the in the 80's Bryan was interested in record production at a very early age, mentally deconstructing albums by the likes of Bucks Fizz and Adam & The Ants. Eventually he began experimenting with reel-to-reel tape recording and learning classical guitar. As a teenager he learned his chops in Rock covers bands as lead guitarist and part-time vocalist.

The concept of Jesta began as a name for Bryan's pers... (+) expand
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Slinger (level 39) wrote:
HI Jesta - Here's some hearts for you. Strong SL community here on T61. If you get a chance, give my Chordslinger (my artist name) songs a listen. They are featured at the top of my page.
7 years ago