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College Station, TX

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Perhaps you have been asking yourself, ‘why haven’t I tapped my toes lately?’ ‘Will I ever bob my head again?’ Or ‘I forgot where I left my groove, is there anyone who can help me find it?’

Well you’ve come to the right place!

Johnny’s sixties-esque style combined with his innate ability to craft catchy melodies are sure to keep you whistling all day. He puts the fun in “funky,” the boogie in “boogie monster,” and the groove in “groovalicious.” So give these tunes a listen and get ready to smile. Satisfaction guaranteed!


With producer Geoff Rockwell and support from family and friends, I have finally managed to create some quality recordings. I absolutely love writing music, playing music, listening to music, eating music, whatever. Seriously, if the things that I liked were a pie chart, writing music would be the piece you have to give to your augustus-gloop-of-a cousin on his birthday. Music is what I do. It is my hope that these songs brighten up your day and bring a smile to your face. Thank you all so very much for listening.

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