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I have said what most needs to be said already, but I would like to introduce all of those artists who have contributed to this project.


Aaron Bethune

The core:

Jon Bone - writer, guitarist, lead vocalist and producer
Juan Parris - drummer, music designer
Matt Belcourt - percussionist and executive producer
Anatol McGinnis - bassist and backup vocalist
Dave Baird - bassist
Josh Gellman - keys and backup vocalist
Jim Lambert - guitarist and backup vocalist

Additional Contributers:

Rick Salt - studio engineer, percussionist
Natalie German - backup vocalist
Zoe Lauckner - backup vocalist
Raya - backup vocalist Tad Ruszell - backup vocalist
Chad Gillespie - drummer, videographer
Gareth Reeves - drummer
Charlie Wade - drummer and percussionist
Dylan Perry - alto sax
Niko Rhodes - alto and tenor saxes
Marti Shepard - trumpet

Visual Artists:

Bob Masse - album art and logo
Ben Friday - graphic and web design
Debbie Foster - graphic design
David Seath - photography
Tyler Simpson - photography
Adrian Southern - photography
Bob Thorn - photography
Hwemtun - photography

The Movement is ever growing and evolving . . .
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