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sitcommunist (level 34) wrote:
Hello Joshuar, stopping by as promised... not only because I promised, but because your radio is totally hip.
RB 178 Yo Bro - Geoff Lapp Trio
7 years ago
Copadope (level 31) wrote:
Radio surfing, enjoying Glam.I.Rock. Have a good week!
7 years ago
yejiftw (level 8) wrote:
oh hey, thanks!
7 years ago
sitcommunist (level 34) wrote:
Hello joshuarjones!
Thanks for the sub! One of my favorite artists of all time was born in Fort Worth too.. actually I think his ancestors may have helped found Fort Worth... His name is Townes Van Zandt; you might have heard of him.

RB 175 Nothing Else is Real - Mackintosh Braun

Cheers Comrade!
7 years ago
ethangalis301 (level 7) wrote:
O no, nice of you!
7 years ago
Spero wrote:
Hey Joshua, thank you for the tip!!
7 years ago
jdonaldson002 (level 24) wrote:
To answer your question posted on the Dallas Group Page, I like the House of Blues, and The Loft at the Palladium best. The Door and Prophet Bar and pretty cool too. But I've only been in Dallas for a little while so I haven't found all the best spots yet though. I've also heard that the Granada is a good venue but I've never been there. I have been to The Aardvark over in Ft. Worth to see I Fight Dragons and McChris, that was a decent venue.
7 years ago
The Walla Recovery wrote:
Good to meet a Fort Worth musician. Blessings, friend, and thanks for your comment!

PS: We have a Christmas present for you (2 free songs). Just go here: rcvr.me/xmas
7 years ago
Julia and the Doogans wrote:
not at all! loving t61
7 years ago
davux (level 22) wrote:
Just listened to your radio - RB#163 - "Still Dre, Two Weeks Later".

7 years ago
Odd Year wrote:
thank you - thank you for the tip! send an email to theoddyear (at) gmail.com and I'll send u a demo we're working on .

7 years ago
Les Vinyl wrote:
thanks jones,
that organ-like brooood is a guitar loop.
in fact, it changes every show we play.
i like to keep that fresh. different feels.
when we recorded it i had my reservations but i'm pretty happy now with the emotion it possesses.
thanks for tuning in!
7 years ago
lannp3202 (level 11) wrote:
7 years ago
avielan (level 16) wrote:
thanks for the sub. RB 148 and sub back.
7 years ago
Froggy (level 33) wrote:
Thank you very much for the sub and RB - here is one back "For Emma".
7 years ago
IAmClearlyNotBatman (level 12) wrote:
Hey thanks for the sub
7 years ago
Glam.I.Rock wrote:
the train is leaving the station...all aboarddddd!

and thanx again! ($$$)
7 years ago
LJ1230 (level 25) wrote:
check out he's my brother she's my sister... i like.
7 years ago
toriviruette (level 27) wrote:
Hello there...thanks for the sub and I have subbed to you as well.
RB # 117 ~ DJ Seduce - Vidigal

Have a terrific Tuesday :)
7 years ago
14angelfire (level 26) wrote:
Thanks for the sub! I've subbed you back :)
7 years ago