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Los Angeles, CA

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Born in New Jersey and raised in Los Angeles, J Scott Bergman began playing music in college at U.C. San Diego where he would venture into lecture hall buildings late in the night to try out new songs in the acoustically favorable empty staircases. Six flights up and playing a Fender Del Mar acoustic guitar, he would fantasize about entertaining thousands in the cathedral of a larger than life echo chamber. Graduating despite spending much time in class writing lyrics in his biology textbooks, he returned to Los Angeles to continue developing as a singer and songwriter.

The CD 'Maybes Are Fading' has earned great reviews and a front page spot on’s list of recommended releases. The title and artwork suggest the fading of gray into black or white. Clarity becomes apparent as the “maybes” disappear. This artist played club dates and even house concerts in Holland and England before the completion of the album. These experiences can be felt in songs like Fontainebleau, which is a direct narrative of a meeting on a Paris train between the artist and a young Russian woman who directed him to Chateau Fontainebleau. Sitting on those beautiful grounds, early sketches of the song were written in a journal. A far cry from New Jersey indeed.

The latest long player, 'Ours Is The Time' is a statement on the trivial nature of time and the idea that no matter how diverse the human experience, we all share a universal human core. Musicians that played on the album include bassist Justin-Meldal Johnsen (Beck/NIN), keyboardist Zac Rae (Fiona Apple) and horn player Stewart Cole (Meiko).

J Scott Bergman’s albums are available at itunes.
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