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Justin Trawick

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Check out my blog at http://justintrawick.tumblr.com!
posted 8 years ago

A short history: Justin Trawick was born on January 22nd, 1982 in Leesburg, VA. In eighth grade he discovered his father’s guitar under the stairs of his old house, in college he wrote songs for a band called “Woodburn Road” (he didn’t sing though because his girlfriend at the time said he had a bad voice), and in 2005 Justin started playing open mics around the Washington DC, Virginia, and Maryland area. Thus ends the history lesson.

Now 2008, Justin and his live band the “Justin Trawick Group” have opened for such artists as Bob Schneider, Brett Dennen, Sara Bareilles, Pat Green, Tyrone Wells, Edwin McCain, Ingram Hill, Corey Harris, Robinella, Cowboy Mouth, Jimmies Chicken Shack, and even the Ying Yang Twins. He won the “Emerging Artist Competition” at the 2006 Takoma Park Folk Festival, has gone on several East Coast tours, and performed at almost all the major area venues including the 930 Club three times and the Kennedy Center twice. Finally, on May 10, 2008, Justin will be releasing his second full length album, “Justin Trawick Live At IOTA” which is a live album recorded on January 4th, 2008 at IOTA Club and Cafe in Arlington, VA, where J... (+) expand
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lisanevada (level 42) wrote:
congratulations on your Wammie nomination!
7 years ago
inafets (level 23) wrote:
Love it all!!
7 years ago
paulmboyle (level 5) wrote:
So good! Come to Salt Lake City.
7 years ago
thirdlegrhcp (level 23) wrote:
Love the music man keep it up!
8 years ago
purplelady (level 10) wrote:
Oh, it's been max bumped don't worry!
Thanks though, I'd love to hear about any new stuff, and also if you're ever around the new england area let me know!
8 years ago
Ellie888 (level 12) wrote:
I went to see you at the 13th floor last night but you weren't there! Did you switch your schedule? Will you be at the Austin Grill on the 6th
8 years ago
mcbrendan (level 19) wrote:
it was a pleasant surprise to find you on here, Justin. pretty crazy site huh?
8 years ago
Bizzz (level 37) wrote:
Hey what happened to the Baltimore show last night? I was looking forward to seeing you live....
8 years ago
purplelady (level 10) wrote:
Nice. I love your stuff!
8 years ago
Roberto (level 27) wrote:
Great songs !
8 years ago
Raine (level 34) wrote:
Your songs are fab!
8 years ago
hobox (level 37) wrote:
I really enjoy the music man... :)
8 years ago