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Cornwall, ON

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Hello there, my name is Keegan Larose. I started playing guitar in the seventh grade. Soon after, I started singing. I started performing solo in the summer of 2008. In January of 2010, I started performing as a group. Douglas Poirier was playing guitar for me, Catherine Macnaughton was singing and playing keys, and Jazz Cook was playing Drums. We were performing at open mics, but weren't getting too many shows. In March of 2010, Jazz Cook was no longer performing with us. Matthew Atchison joined us that same month, playing drums and percussions. We were still performing at open mics, but started to get some more organized shows. Late in the month of May, a friend of mine, Cody Bourget joined us playing bass guitar. Cello, we've got a bass! Late June, Douglas Poirier, our other guitarist, decided to take a break from playing music with us.
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