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Montreal, QC

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The year was 1987. A geological research team was sent above the arctic circle to gather and analyze ice core samples as part of a top level, secret military operation. This is their story.

Kegaska 001 was the first group of scientists to begin work under the watchful eye of a top level, highly secretive government organization. Sent to gather and analyze glacial ice core samples, they were supplied with the most technologically advanced equipment and habitation for this mission.

When a rogue blizzard struck the teams outpost destroying their communications tower, the Kegaskan shadow operatives that had sent them on their mission had to assume the worst; that they had been found out by opposing government enforcers. In a swiftly executed coverup operation, all records and documentation pertaining to Kegaska 001 were destroyed. The team had been forgotten.

Deserted in this arctic wasteland with no means of contacting the outside world, the team set to work in modifying their living environment in preparation for an extended stay.

The dome-like structure of their base was ideally located between both geothermal vents in the earths crust which supplied them with not only heat, but also a source of electricity, and an endless supply of fresh glacial spring water. They quickly set to work in further developing their hydroponics bay which would supply them with a more than adequate food supply for the coming months of long, sunless arctic winter.

The one thing missing from the outpost was a source of entertainment. Luckily, with the help of the teams electrical engineer, they were able to develop a few rudimentary electronic instruments. After several months had passed with the team still going under the radar, they abandoned their research entirely, opting to use their time to pursue their collective love of music.

The songs presented here are a collection of their pieces. Representing their habitat and surroundings above the arctic circle, this music is sure to display a differing perspective of living in a world barren of civilization.

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