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Kenji Eno

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Live at Departure Lounge Tokyo Japan.

July 9th 2009 from 23:00 PM.

7F., Unimat-AzabuJuban building, 1-9-2, AzabuJuban, Minato-ku.
Phone: 03-5575-5420 (Departure Lounge)

The party starts from 23:00.
I will perform live maybe... from 1 am or 2 am of 10th July.
posted 7 years ago
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faberex (level 43) wrote:
this is classy work
1 year ago
Vladt (level 24) wrote:
Sketches are amazing
7 years ago
yurmama19 (level 9) wrote:
What exactly is "D2 Main Theme". Is it a game or show? It's beautiful. and so is your version. It's so mysteriously beautiful.
7 years ago
Volt (level 19) wrote:
'Sketch#7 - Theme of White' is simply astounding, moving and so heartfelt. Such an amazing find here on t61. Beautiful, beautiful work, almost makes me cry.... :)

7 years ago
mstksg (level 24) wrote:
if anyone is ever confused to how music could have magic, all I need to do is point them to your music
7 years ago
Edgy (level 22) wrote:
very amazing !!! all are so amazing!!!
7 years ago
Intero93 (level 7) wrote:
Dude, your music is magical and really awesome! :o
Keep the good work up!
7 years ago
d2s (level 28) wrote:
Revived "D2 Main Theme (piano solo)" the the main page of T61 with 10299 reputation points… :D
7 years ago
INALEE (level 11) wrote:
nonfigurative, but still sounds great, how did u do that?
ur music is just like ur profile picture. works of Contemporary Art......
7 years ago
redsandman99 (level 18) wrote:
Very very pretty yet haunting stuff. thanks for sharing. i came to listen because the similar tab from Sleep Well, Destroyer said to check you out. cool.
7 years ago
freegee (level 36) wrote:
You must be Japanese to use the photo space so clever. Work of art!
7 years ago
asami (level 12) wrote:
7 years ago
nyed (level 10) wrote:
I really enjoy your works <3
7 years ago
jackottmar (level 10) wrote:
I am really enjoying this! Thank you ('"v'")
7 years ago
petaydoranski (level 14) wrote:
this is just beautiful... will be back with hearts as soon as I'm stocked up again :)
7 years ago
elclown (level 1) wrote:
Great Songs, Keep up the great work!!! BTW Is "You and Me and 3D" ever gonna be available outside Japan? We need more Kenji Eno masterpieces! Congrats!
7 years ago
cpx86 (level 4) wrote:

Fantastic music.

Is there any way to get the sheet music of your piano work? Has it ever been published?
7 years ago
FarFromYours wrote:
elephants and penguins!
I heard this track on the Usream Live.
So deep...I like this sound very much.
The night is still young.
7 years ago
Kenji Eno wrote:
Hi guys!

Kenji Eno Streming Live on Ustream.

23:30(JST) 14:30(UTC/GMT) 26th June 2009!


7 years ago
Kenji Eno wrote:

I sometime go to Osaka.
If someone invite me, I'll go anywhere.
7 years ago