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We'll have some new devices coming in soon. Things should sound even more interesting after that.
posted 7 years ago
Well, we have never played in a van down by the river, but we sure did play a whole bunch everywhere else.

We are two brothers, that make sure to spare at least a little bit of time each day to think of tunes that'll make you push that repeat button.

Although, we are pretty new to creating our own tracks, it's been a long time since we first started putting one track after another a.k.a. mixing.

Please send us over any feedback and suggestions you might have on any of our work.
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GnuMusik (level 6) wrote:
Tunc email me @gen pt . com B.C.
7 years ago
feyd08 (level 11) wrote:
Where you guys from?
7 years ago
EFaidley (level 17) wrote:
I went to youtube and watched Spinal Tap 11. I like your song even more to know the inspiration
7 years ago
leto (level 11) wrote:
It was my pleasure. I try to bump good music where I can. Lately I've been finding myself spending the points much faster than they come in though.
7 years ago
netseeker (level 34) wrote:
well i really liked the song, time too listen too all the others =)
7 years ago
carons (level 15) wrote:
I think the new one might be my favorite so far ( I don't play well with other kids either [:) I tried to bump the hell out of it however it kept giving me "TypeError: Object Expected" pop up. So, I'll bump it on the next listen.
great tune!
7 years ago
carons (level 15) wrote:
Day & Night... another long song. I like it very much as well.
I like your interpretation.
Keep it coming Kipster [:
7 years ago
carons (level 15) wrote:
The length of this song is awesome. It's just one of those things I like in a good song. So many good songs are like 2-3 minutes long when they could last 5-6.
Vocals would be interesting, but I think the song stands fine by itself. it will be great to listen to in my car going to work or at the gym on the treadmill.
Hopefully you will post more soon.
7 years ago