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Roskilde, Denmark

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Levitation is a young metal band from Hedehusene/Roskilde (Denmark). The band was formed in November 2003, by Jonas Jensen, Morten Olsen and Lucas Thøfner. At this point the three guys had never touched an instrument before.
They started jamming cover songs, but they started creating their own music almost right away.
The band needed a frontman and contacted André Kristensen. André joined Levitation and took the music to another level. From that day Levitation became a serious band and they soon started to play liveshows across Denmark. They still needed a second guitarist to complete the band. They tried different guys out and ended up with Frederik Sewerin Nicolaisen. Frederik joined the band and completed Levitation.

January 2008, Levitation recorded their first demo "What's Buried Underneath". This took place in Fee Production Studios near Ribe.

October 2008, the band was now ready to record their debut EP "End Of All Sanity". "End Of All Sanity" was recorded at CB Studios in Holsted, Denmark. With Christian Bonde Sørensen as producer they recorded the three songs - "Paralyzed", "Blood Was Spilled" and "End Of All Sanity".

After some great reviews of "End Of All Sanity" and some killer liveshows afterwards, the band was forced to find a new singer to replace André Kristensen. Sebastian Beronius contacted Levitation when he spotted the chance to become part of the band. His fantastic vocal performance was very impressing and he got the job almost right away!

January 2010, Levitation entered CB Studios to record the newest EP "The Awakening". "The Awakening" includes the four songs "The Sharpest Tongue", "Ascend From Ashes", "Determination" and "The Healing Process".
Now it is time to play as many liveshows as possible in 2010.

Levitation has through the years supported great danish and international
Stay tuned folks!

Line up:
Sebastian Beronius - Vocals
Jonas Schiermacher - Guitar + b. vocals
Frederik Sewerin - Guitar
Lucas Thøfner - Bass
Morten Olsen - Drums

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