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Omaha, NE

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I am a self replicating holographic entity that projects my existence to others through an incredibly complex energetic web of DNA inside individual cells to comprise a "Human Being." My origins are the universe, of which all origins lie. My life is governed by subtle mathematics, from my hair to my teeth to my fingernails and finger prints. Same with flowers and snowflakes and ferns and seashells and music and, well, everything. I was given a choice before my creation to take place in this life, to live in a material world where I could learn the full spectrum of emotion in order to develop a full appreciation for everything existence has to offer in hopes to one day return back to my original source. I am neither dead, nor alive, I am and have always existed and will always exist in one form or another. I am an imagination inside of the mind of God, an incredible experiment given a limitless amounts of possibilities to manifest for myself through will alone. I am one universe, inside of which all other universes exist. I am you, and I hope that you will remember that someday and understand what this means to the fullness that one can ever understand what this means in this lifetime. And the next

*Proud member of the t61 Electro Freaks*
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