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Paris, France

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This talented young writer evolves in a musical environment based on diverse styles: powerful French songs to which she incorporates from time to time jazz or pop sounds. Still at the beginning of her career, she has already leaded a few Parisian gigs which finished convincing EMI Music Publishing France of her amazing potential. On stage, her personality is widely revealed; Lili Ster occupies all the space, surprising the audience with her powerful voice, using her piano as a “game companion”… December 2007, she is nominated for the price “Paris young Talents 2007”.
2009, she was selected as one of the lucky writers/ composers who participated in the writing of Dove Attia (famous French producer – his previous project, “Le Roi Soleil” sold more than 1 000 000 albums & 1 200 000 tickets and stayed almost 2 years in the charts, reaching position #3)’s new musical “Mozart” (more than 800 000 spectators, 560 000 sales). Lili Ster composed "Si je défaille".
Active Lili Ster performs regularly live and is part of diverse projects. Her 1st album, “La Castafiore”, co-produced by Jean-Louis Pierrot (Renan Luce, Tété, Miossec etc.), was released on the 26th April (Universal / Lez’Art).
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