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Local Stranger

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The delivery of our performance is what sets us apart. The songs are energetic, they are the kind of songs that make people want to raise their fists in the air and shout out the lyrics. Our influences are the legends of rock.

Local Stranger was formed by James Hammontree in the mid 90's. Art Kirkendoll, virtuoso lead guitar player, and James have been friends for years. They wanted to build a music project that had a chance for lasting success. Rob Slahck, a classically trained bass player, joined Local Stranger in 2003, and with a singer/drummer the three piece band enjoyed some marginal success for over a year. They had to let the original drummer go due to personal issues. In December 2004, Ron Voll was asked to join the band as a drummer. Rick Gillis entered the studio about 2 weeks later, and he completely blew the room away with his voice. Rick's presence all but guaranteed Local Stranger's future success.

With the newly revamped line-up, the magic began to flow. Local Stranger was quickly given the opportunity to play in a few of the larger clubs, and struck gold with an appearance in Club Wars VI. As round one began, only five originals had been written; the show ... (+) expand
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jvastine (level 26) wrote:
Welcome to T61! Those are some great tracks that you uploaded. I really enjoy the solid energy & hard driving classic rock sound on these tracks and look forward to hearing more from you. Now I hear that it's better for bands to only upload one track at a time in order to give it time to cycle through the rack. Try spacing your uploads about a week apart or so as you will get more band for the bucks i.e. bumps this way. I look forward to hearing more from you and please don't be a stranger - communication with your fans is a plus for all. Peace Out!
8 years ago