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Lux Lisbon

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June 2013.
posted 3 years ago
Short version - please sign up here with facebook for free songs and banter :-


Or here for less regular updates if you don't have facebook :-


Hello, this is the band Lux Lisbon - the new 61 is so difficult to communicate on ! - what happened to the days when you could 'mail' people within 61 ? - it sucks that is over. So instead join up as outlined above for great luxlisbon times.
posted 6 years ago
www.luxlisbon.com for more details and other ace stuff
posted 8 years ago

Lux Lisbon met in Nottingham University as an accountant, a barrister, and a banker before moving to London where the now-5-piece craft sweeping, cinematic indie anthems from the interwoven harmonies, tag-team vocals of Stuart Rook and Charlotte Austen and the influence of Dog is Dead, Bruce Springsteen, Bloc Party and The Killers.

2012 saw them record several BBC Introducing live sessions including for Tom Robinson and BBC 6 Music and Bethan Elfyn at BBC Wales - and picked up support from Billy Bragg, John Kennedy XFM, Chris Hawkins at 6 Music as well as The Fly and Word Magazines. Live highlights included slots at Bestival, Y Not Festival and Hyde Park during the Olympics, adding to the previous years Camden Crawl and Dot To Dot festivals.

In 2013, Lux Lisbon release the ‘Get Some Scars’ EP (out 25.3.13) which brings together a handful of heavily supported tracks recorded throughout 2012 - three of the 4 tracks are featured in ambitions and varied promo videos, featuring (amongst other things) an 8-bit zombie apocalypse, several dancing Boris Johnsons, and an almighty homage to Wes Anderson. In support of the release, Lux Lisbon head to the stage across the UK wi... (+) expand
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batface89 (level 45) wrote:
Stuart, I'll be in London at the end of July. I hope you will have a show then! Not sure if you knew the old The Sixty One is back. It's fun again :-)
1 year ago
mkok (level 9) wrote:
I love "Animals"
7 years ago
DHendrix (level 24) wrote:
Really enjoy your sound. Featured!
7 years ago
Rosscoe13 (level 11) wrote:
My acoustic and I can't get enough of Sunflower. The intimate sessions you must have shared when writing this song are enviable. Thank you for Sunflower and Luxlisbon!!!
7 years ago
yenohcixelsyd87 (level 16) wrote:
I'm seriously in love with your music.
7 years ago
mrvelvet (level 20) wrote:
I know I missed the tunebox which was buried in a load of others, but really, you should have an album by now.

Seriously, you're one of the few artists on here who I think should be leading the way. Your music has so much already, I just wish I was still organising ents.

Oh, and congrats on the airplay on Radio 6.
8 years ago
bakagaijin (level 1) wrote:
We're all waiting for the Lux Lisbon album, bring it on guys!
8 years ago
Mimimimimi (level 41) wrote:
What a great band!
8 years ago
mrvelvet (level 20) wrote:
So do you guys have an album? I seem to be in a album-buying mood at the moment... I know there are the five for grabbing off your website, but for some reason only five tracks are somewhat unsatisfying...
8 years ago
grandesoreilles (level 30) wrote:
For the pirates, I guess it works better if you write Just because they ARRRRRRHHH!!!
9 years ago
silkworm (level 37) wrote:
luxlisbon fans! Check out an interview with the band by t61's batface89 at MaxBumps, the new t61 fan blog.
9 years ago
TejozListens (level 33) wrote:
hahahahaha! I get that!
They are jusr aarrrrrrrrrr! hahahahah!
9 years ago
chelseadagger (level 12) wrote:
Woooo Hoooo Youre gonna be playing in Leicester square thats just great, about time I found someone i like playing near to me. I cant wait :))
9 years ago
bloke (level 17) wrote:
London bands > American bands? I think so!

Keep up the work guys and do a tour in the US!
9 years ago
EricAtRandom (level 12) wrote:
Great band name. :) I loved that film.
9 years ago
alexbertoni08 (level 8) wrote:
You guys are just breathtaking. I cannot think of words to describe how great your music makes me feel. Do keep it up!
9 years ago
nickypotter (level 2) wrote:
You're my favouritist
9 years ago
arpkane (level 17) wrote:
totally understood ;)
9 years ago
dba (level 12) wrote:
I'd multi-bump Animals if I could. New bump rules limit me to one bump!
9 years ago
sf49rox (level 41) wrote:
Animals...what passion. Good work
9 years ago