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Mark Devin Dildine

folk and rock     25 listeners


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such a hidden love.

i find myself yearning for more of C.S.Lewis and Shane Claiborne and tempted to pick up a new addiction named Leo Tolstoy. partially because of my depravity of knowledge in such arenas and neglect my self from books of old that maybe a majority may never pick up.

as i stare at a book about insurance, i learn about things that i wish i never learned and yet i’m still grateful. learning the ins and outs of america’s protection against it’s self. a lot of these issue i came across is bitter, discrimination under lies a business while still carrying an equal opportunity symbol. it’s not the face you question, it’s the heart.

when i began to inquire about leo tolstoy’s the kingdom of God is inside you, which was recommended from a friend, i realize tolstoy wasn’t the only one who dreamed the way he did but it was also william garrison. but to my suprise, once i read further into garrison, my eyes begin to see passions once smothered by day to day schemes made against me that make me lose my focus of who i am as a citizen of heaven, where i stand on government, and a holy focus to preach peace that most people, yea, even christians would consider unrealistic. but as i begin to ponder on these things, i wonder about the peace that Christ was and lived. oh america! when will one learn to use there swords as plow shearers in the field and not against one’s flesh and blood?

you may remember a long time ago about a specific blog that caused quite a stir. i still stand on those principals as i did when they were first retained, and maybe it came like a bull in a china closet with no direction or course of action, remember that we learn to shape a pot from a lump of clay.

i think about the war and obama sending out thousands more men and i begin to wonder, even a man who is about peace considers violence to bring peace; evil to bring good. but when has violence been a tool to bring happiness? and i say unto every man and woman, soldier and taliban, victims of darfur and those who choose to ignore it, homeless and rich, beggars and the prosperous, muslim, jew, and christian. live in peace and learn to love your enemies. christ died so that others wouldn’t have to.

posted 6 years ago

it’s may again and the breeze is blowing harder this time.

i hear your voice whispering through the texas winds so sweet.

and i try to find a reason for myself. i try to find a reason for myself.

i hear you calling in the foggy mist at night.

i feel you in the spring winds that blow around me.

and i feel your grace in these days.

i can’t find a away to avoid you this time, even with the fear i stuggle in my mind.

posted 6 years ago



positive energy

posted 6 years ago


Pace Yourself


posted 6 years ago

Ever since i’ve started my job i feel like my life has been on hiatus. I’m still writing but i haven’t played that many shows lately. My last show was at a coffee shop in Addison in the northwestern part of Dallas. Life has been pretty different, my new job keeps me from church currently until the schedule changes and i stepped down from the praise and worship team at my church recently. as of lately, I’m working hard to earn a promotion and trying to find a way to Houston in a few weeks. I feel like I’ve been inconveniently on the down low involuntarily.

I’m in a season where I feel like I’m only tilling land. It feels different. It feels like normal life. Working at a corporate office, building a relationship to prepare for a marriage, paying off debt. As for the music, I’m waiting for a particular studio be finished, it’s currently being built. As for me, I’m trying to figure out where I need to be presently. I feel like I’m stuck in a moment and I can’t get out of it. Nicki and I are in this actually, we miss our college group with Chris and Kelly and the gang before it was destroyed by pride and politic. We miss our other church family at Northplace due to my work, we miss our families, we miss our friends. But we know that right now we are currently going through a season where I feel like we are in Screwtape Letters when Uncle Screwtape say to his nephew, “He[God] wants them[us] to learn to walk and must therefore takes away His hand; and if only the will to walk is really there, He is pleased even [our] stumbles.”

We are still here everyone and we miss you guys. Once life gets back on track, we’ll know where we will be.  Living life, Living large, Living love. We’re just building are muscles and bones to become the person we plan to be. And if you here about us, please sure to check in with us. People like to tell stories.

The season is getting colder, i find the colder it gets the more the love grows. (That’s nothing deep or metaphorical, it’s just a matter of fact)


Mark Devin.

posted 6 years ago
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Mark Devin Dildine is one not so new to the music scene, just misunderstood. After being in a number of bands, playing shows with names such as David Crowder, Bebo Norman and many others, Mark Devin Dildine has decided to take on the reins as a solo artist/writer. With little of what he has, he walks onto the stage with slight smile, charisma and a loud voice just to grab the attention of whoever is out there and begins a journey; embarking on a pioneer to discover new ways of a tune and disregarding the criticism.

This Is What He Has To Say:
"I want to capture the journey of what i’ve been through in my life thus far. I know that the life I’ve lived through is the path that I needed to take, with mistakes along the way, and i want people to know there’s still hope."

Currently set in Dallas, Texas, Mark Devin knows there's something more than just with what he has. Listening to his music isn't just for enjoyment to him, it's for growth, letting everyone watch his maturity grow, and to discover what the science is in making a song set a tone or a memory in people's hearts and minds.
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aprilday86 (level 9) wrote:
Your music is beauty in my cloudy day. Music for the storm ahead.
6 years ago
bullet2heart (level 2) wrote:
You are amazing... ;)
6 years ago
misswrite (level 12) wrote:
i'm so happy to stumble upon your music! one more talented Jesus-loving musician to bless the music community on thesixtyone. thank you so much for sharing!
6 years ago
ruthLess (level 30) wrote:
welcome!!! you are great!
6 years ago
DZ (level 44) wrote:
It's better to just leave your first three songs to gather an audience before you upload 1 new song.

Having said that, like what I hear so far. Welcome to T61.
6 years ago
DZ (level 44) wrote:
But please don't delete songs! Especially when they're already hearted, the listeners lose that investment in your song(s).
6 years ago
Mark Devin Dildine wrote:
6 years ago
st3fanie (level 21) wrote:
great songs! the glitch that CEONelson refers to happens around 3:42 (counting down). I had my volume up loud and it kinda startled me. :O)
6 years ago
CEONelson (level 35) wrote:
Fill out the bio when you get a chance and post a link to any other sites that have your stuff up. I like what I've heard so far :)

btw there is a tiny glitch on Heartsong near the start - just reupload the file rather than delete it.
6 years ago