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Dallas, TX

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Mark Devin Dildine is one not so new to the music scene, just misunderstood. After being in a number of bands, playing shows with names such as David Crowder, Bebo Norman and many others, Mark Devin Dildine has decided to take on the reins as a solo artist/writer. With little of what he has, he walks onto the stage with slight smile, charisma and a loud voice just to grab the attention of whoever is out there and begins a journey; embarking on a pioneer to discover new ways of a tune and disregarding the criticism.

This Is What He Has To Say:
"I want to capture the journey of what i’ve been through in my life thus far. I know that the life I’ve lived through is the path that I needed to take, with mistakes along the way, and i want people to know there’s still hope."

Currently set in Dallas, Texas, Mark Devin knows there's something more than just with what he has. Listening to his music isn't just for enjoyment to him, it's for growth, letting everyone watch his maturity grow, and to discover what the science is in making a song set a tone or a memory in people's hearts and minds.
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