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Bloomington, IN

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I consider myself a new breed of hip hop.

I grew up in rural Massachusetts, listening to a lot of indie/emo rock. Then one summer, my Aunt gave me the a few cds to listen to and introduced me to hip hop. I spent that entire summer listening to Biggie's "Ready to Die" and Weezer's "Pinkerton".

I've been in a few bands and even recorded a solo acoustic album (which if I can be honest, isn't good). But in the summer of 07, I started writing lyrics for a new project. What started off as an homage to The Postal Service turned into an exploration of my musical heritage.

I wrote and recorded my first hip hop album over the course of the next year. MC Topher had emerged. I wanted to break barriers and first I tried my nerdy side with the release of "Split PersonILLity". My version of "A Mille" and "Dey Know" were met with lackluster approval. The project was a bomb.

I wasn't about to give up. I kept on writing and recording, and started producing. The biggest complaint about my first album was that none of the production was original. I taught myself how to make beats, use samples, and digitally mix tracks. It was around this time I met Blip, an newborn rapper. Together we formed Malicious Behavior and released an album, "Lyrical Suicide", in February '09.

"Lyrical Suicide" was a lukewarm release, but a huge step forward for me from "Split PersonILLity". "Lyrical Suicide's" release was enough to get me thinking I could do this for a living.

Since then, Malicious Behavior has grown from two members to five, adding DrewdaheaD in September 09, Karmageddon in December 09, and Pops Ghostly in January 2010. Personally, I've produced two albums for DrewdaheaD along with countless beats for all of Malicious Behavior. I've organized and played about a half dozen shows in Indiana and Florida, with more shows booked for the coming months. My work has been featured on,, and

Currently, I'm working on my next solo album which is on track for an independent second quarter 2010 release. I'm also helping produce a mixtape with Karmageddon, which will see a release at some point in the next year.


AIM: OMGitsMCTopher




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