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Fountain Inn, SC

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Born in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains, Melle left Greenville South Carolina when she was a child. Melle's family raised her and her three siblings in Petoskey, Michigan, a small town on Northern Lake Michigan. It was what she calls her "idyllic" childhood in this area that inspired her unique sound. "I was fortunate to have two parents who raised us kids in an environment of love, discipline, and complete freedom to be who we were." Melle's father taught her the basics of guitar when she was sixteen and she immediately began writing songs. She was raised on an "intravenous drip" of the world's greatest music via her father's massive record collection. From Bach to the Beatles, music played all day everyday.

Melle returned to her birthplace, Greenville South Carolina, at age 21. She persued a degree in English and Philosophy at the University of South Carolina in hopes of being a war correspondent in the Middle East. Though singing in church as a child and in state competitions in high school, Melle never thought of being a musician. It wasn't until her parents heard some songs she'd written while away at school that she decided to pursue music. "It was pretty wild to have parents who pushed me to pursue music full-time even though I hadn't finished my degree." It was that push that convinced Melle to pursue a career as a singer-songwriter.

Playing small venues both in Northern Michigan and South Carolina, Melle continued to write songs and eventually recorded her first album, Stockholm Syndrome in 2006 with Sit 'n' Spin records in Greenville. After the release of her first album, Melle began playing for larger audiences. In May 2007, she opened for Livingston Taylor and was instantly hooked on playing for a large audience. "Playing for a couple hundred people or more is electrifying - there is a inexplicable energy when several hundred people are focused on you, waiting for you to entertain them, or please them, or even deliver them from a foul mood. I love it!"

In 2008, Melle recorded her second album, Captain of the Apocalypse, with Vision Music Group in Nashville. Nervous about leaving her acoustic sound behind, Melle has received much praise for the big sound of Captain of the Apocalypse. Still, she is making acoustic versions of all her songs available to her acoustic, folk-loving fans.
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