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Birmingham, United Kingdom

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Folks, is where we first encountered Triangle Head! More on the sonic chickpea (from

Made in Bombay, born and raised in the UK, and currently based in San Francisco, Micropixie (MPX) is a self-proclaimed Alien with extraORDINARY Abilities. MPX is a conceptual artist working with visual, verbal and sonic design, as well as the extra-terrestrial alter ego of writer, fillum-maker and full-time human being, Single Beige Female.

Alice in Stevie Wonderland, the sonic lovechild of Micropixie and Neo Eon One, is a technorganic concept album telling the true story of One Little Alien's mission on planet Earth to experience life as a human being.

Micropixie is working on her second album with a UK producer (who currently wishes to remain anonymous). IGPT is due for release in early 2010.

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