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#nowplaying Jaydiohead- Dreaming UP
posted 7 years ago
@maxtannone: thanks for the shotout. Jaydiohead is solid. Looking forward to checking out doublecheck.
posted 7 years ago
@Grooveshark how about mashups... kinda like covers but better. Love jaydiohead.
posted 7 years ago
RT @maxtannone: My dad made this ill Jaydiohead subway sign. So I brought it down into the subway. Next stop, Thom Yorke's house... http ...
posted 7 years ago
RT @schulkin: Two finely-crafted mashup albums... Beatles/Wutang: http://is.gd/6WQgA Jay Z/Radiohead: http://jaydiohead.com/listen/
posted 7 years ago
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Jaydiohead is a mash-up album combining the vocals of Jay-Z and the music of Radiohead. It is produced by NYC DJ and producer Max Tannone (formerly Minty Fresh Beats due to a legal issue...!) The new album is a free download.
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sabrinachampagne (level 22) wrote:
MAX HEARTS...can't wait for more!!! Please & Thank You B-)
7 years ago
Psychedelices (level 12) wrote:
I wanna hear you!!
7 years ago
ilikecutegrls (level 9) wrote:
love radio head, love jay-z, can't do nuthin but love this mash-up album
7 years ago
Alainn (level 23) wrote:
There's not a single song on the album that I don't like.
7 years ago
Pharmies wrote:
sick shit... go to alekgv page to hear the songs
7 years ago
Heezy (level 7) wrote:
love love love love!
7 years ago
Jaydiohead wrote:
Not Jaydiohead related...BUT...this is my next project:

Beastie Boys - Doublecheck Your Head

Coming September 1st 2009 - 7 tracks of that new new...


Beastie Boys x Beastie Boys x me ..... you'll see.
7 years ago
Jaydiohead wrote:
Jaydiohead: The Encore - INSTRUMENTAL version


or http://jaydiohead.com/download
7 years ago
alekgv (level 22) wrote:
if u wanna hear the songs, check out my saved songs. u can see them there
7 years ago
w0rkbench (level 26) wrote:
fantastic jay!!!!!!
7 years ago
Jaydiohead wrote:
everyone download it and share it,

please spread the word, its FREE!

7 years ago
hmunkey (level 41) wrote:
this copyright thing is total bullshit
t61 needs to take that down
7 years ago
CordwainerBird (level 32) wrote:
dittooo what naimagrab said.. how am i supposed look at your other gems?!
7 years ago
naimagrab (level 37) wrote:
new tracks are all awesome! i love how that copyright thing is up top. even more badass!
7 years ago
Jaydiohead wrote:
Jaydiohead: The Encore

Sequel to the original Jaydiohead - Jay-Z x Radiohead album.

5 new tracks!

stream / download the full EP @ http://jaydiohead.com/?jh=ENCORE
7 years ago
songasm (level 28) wrote:
lol.. when Jay-Z himself is promoting Jaydiohead tracks, it's really time for the record company to stop interfering. There is little money to be made at this point but an huge opportunity to get both bands (brands) further imprinted on listener's brains..

And this is a magnificent album, I often like Jay-Z's raps better when he's remixed like this.
7 years ago
Jaydiohead wrote:
good question...!
most likely a complaint from a record company fearing they are losing money.
7 years ago
acousticroom57 (level 30) wrote:
what copyright ?
7 years ago
Jaydiohead wrote:

he writes: "there are 3 or 4 REAL gems on jaydiohead.."

follow the link to see for yourself.


dont act like i never told ya!!

7 years ago
Jaydiohead wrote:
hey everyone

In support of the Beastie Boys re-issue of Check Your Head, I did a
series of mash-ups for them...You can check out the first track by going to the link below, and going to the NEWS section:


Its called "3's What'Cha Want"

enjoy, let me know what you think... downloads and more of the tracks coming soon!

8 years ago