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Austin, TX

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Originally founded in North Carolina by lead singer and songwriter Anthony Watkins II and later joined by bassist Tim Shelburne, Jr., Mobley took its current shape during the summer of 2008. A cross-country move and seven months of practice and preparation later, they're hard at work trying to prove themselves as one of Austin's most promising young bands.

The songs draw from a wealth of influences, often tied together with only as much thread as is necessary for coherence. What results is a repertoire that, by virtue of its diversity, truly transports the listener. Nowhere is this fact more clear than when you see the band live. It's a set composed of contrasting moods and moments: an anthemic blitz of guitars and wired synths; a falsetto croon slinking out over drum-bass groove straight out of '73; a music box lullaby bursting into chamber pop or keening alt-country or glitzy dance-rock. All of these sounds are complemented by a stunning video/light component and performed by musicians that command the stage with a presence that belies their youth and a vigor that proves it.

Infectiously energetic, meticulous in their passion, and unmistakably honest, Mobley has crafted a distinctive brand of indie rock that is smart, catchy, and melodic. Give it a're likely to agree.
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