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Barcelona, Spain

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You don ́t have to shake the foundation of barcelona’s independence to discover monoculture ́bet. It ́s not necessary because you are dealing with one of those formations who don ́t pass up a chance to play on any stage (they have played most of the Spain geography, without forgetting halls in the capital such as Apolo, Moog, Razzmatazz, CatWalk, City Hall, Sonar Festival 2009, etc). It was about time for them to debut on a label, and that time has come.
MONOCULTURE includes four compositions signed by vocalist George Raynor, Juanjo Alba (keyboards and producer of the disc), David Velasco (bass) and the guitarists Nestor Oñatibia and David Palatzi. In them, Monoculture combines a certain dark heritage (which has earned them comparisons with Depeche Mode or Joy Division, and which results more evident in “ModernLife”) with effective samples of danceable rock which takes us to the sound of british names of late such as TheWhip, Does It Offend You Yeah! Or Reverend And The Makers.
To finish, a remix of “Don’t look” signed by Alex Brinken is included (check out his work at labels such as Frequent, Real Estate, Houseworks, BCNRec, etc.) The best thing to do would be to not miss out on their next live show, a territory where Monoculture shows their true energy and essence.

Joan S. Luna (Editor in Chief MondoSonoro Mag.)
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